Nissan Rogue 2019: The bargain to seize

This year, Nissan's big novelty comes in a segment where popularity is plummeting. Indeed, the Japanese manufacturer renews a now convincing Altima sedan by offering a lot of technological innovations, but in a segment that customers quickly desert to turn to SUVs. Nissan is also able to see this, since the sales of its Qashqai, Murano, Pathfinder and even the Armada, are doing very well. However, the Rogue is by far the most important success of the manufacturer, which, last year alone, sold more than 43,000 in the country.

If the Rogue is as popular, it is not because of the advanced technology that it incorporates. While gadgets such as the ProPILOT Assist (smart speed control, braking assistance to full stop, assisted trajectory and more) are available, this kind of technology is becoming more and more common. Instead, the success of the Rogue must be attributed to a convenient format and layout, but above all, at a price that defies all competition.

$75-80 per week, taxes included

This is what will cost you approximately a basic front-wheel-drive Rogue, equipped decently, for a 48-month rental. It's hard to do better. Of course, you might want to opt for a more equipped vehicle, with full-wheel drive, which would increase the weekly rental cost to more than $100, but the fact remains that the amount required for this vehicle is extremely reasonable.

Add to that minimalist maintenance costs and some of the best fuel consumption in the industry (average of just 8 litres per 100 km combined), and you have a winning formula. Reliability is not bad, although some suspension parts wear prematurely, as well as vulnerability to corrosion. Rust treatment, if you want to keep it for a long time, should therefore be expected.

We now know that the bill is enticing. However, the price does not prove everything. The vehicle has to please. And on this account, Nissan succeeds in a beautiful way. First, the vehicle looks good. Its line is nothing original, and the choice of shades is frankly desolate (especially in version S), but as a general rule, we appreciate its presentation.

The same comment applies to the interior, not as modern as that of some rivals, but which is flawless ergonomics. The space is generous, the driving position is nice and the modularity of the rear seats is a real advantage. You can choose a seven-passenger version... if you want to punish some of your passengers! The only disappointment is the finish, cheap in places, which partly explains a more reasonable bill than some competitors.

No hybrid

While customers are looking to reduce their fuel consumption, but without wanting to compromise on the format of the vehicles, the hybrid version of the Rogue could have been an interesting approach. Alas, only the Americans are entitled to it, and they see little interest in it. It must be said that the four-cylinder engine of the Rogue is not very greedy at the base, and manages to offer honest performance. Obviously paired with a CVT box that generates an unpleasant feeling of elasticity, this engine is not technically very modern, but requires only a minimum of maintenance.

This is a significant advantage in the face of the array of new turbocharged engines that, in the long run, could cause some problems and additional maintenance costs. Moreover, the Rogue is comfortable, balanced in its behavior and effective in braking. In fact, he would only be blamed for his lack of liveliness, the conduct being rather boring.

Now, how does he compare himself to his rivals? Definitely more reliable and cheaper than a Ford Escape, more spacious, but less dynamic than a Mazda CX-5, and significantly less refined than the Honda CR-V. Like the Mitsubishi Outlander, it offers reliable but conservative technology, but it has the advantage of better fuel economy. As for the full cog, it compares to that of the CR-V, Tucson and Sportage, thus not being as efficient as what is found at Mitsubishi or Subaru. Having said that, Mr. All-The World will see nothing but fire.

In closing, you are attracted to the new Volkswagen Tiguan, but do not have the budget? The Rogue can be a great option. Consider it first for its cost, which remains its high quality, but also for its very practical layout, which the small family will love.
Green light
  •     Competitive purchasing and maintenance costs
  •     Low fuel consumption
  •     Efficient interior design
  •     Honest equipment

Red light
  •    Driving approval of any kind
  •     Lower-than-average finishing quality
  •     Ridiculous color choice (S)

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