Lexus NX 2020: good price drop for the hybrid

The Lexus NX 2020 luxury compact crossover is now on sale at Canadian dealerships and, although few changes have been made for the new model year, there is one that will please hybrid buyers and their portfolios.

Indeed, the base price of the NX 300h has been reduced from $51,250 to $46,650 (plus transportation and preparation), so it costs only $2,500 more than the regular NX 300 version, displayed at $44,150.

With an average fuel consumption (city and highway) of only 7.5 L/100 km, the Lexus NX 300h 2020 will cost approximately $1,950 in gasoline annually, according to Natural Resources Canada's calculations, while the bill for the NX 300 (9.7 L/100 km) will be $2,813. In other words, after about three years and 60,000 kilometres, the additional cost of the purchase will be profitable. Interesting!

Let's stay in the prices to mention that the NX 300h offers two groups of options: Premium at $3,950 and Executive at $12,650. This is significantly less than the gasoline model, available with premium, Luxe ($9,450) and Executive groups as well as the F SPORT 1 series ($7,300), F SPORT 2 ($10,350) and F SPORT 3 ($13,150).

What is also good is that the latest driver assistance technologies, including lane maintenance assistance (premium and higher groups) and the pre-collision system with pedestrian detection in low light conditions and detection of cyclists, are added to the equipment of the Lexus Safety System 2.0, without an increase in the MSRP. This suite of active safety technologies now standardizes all Lexus 2020 models.

Another novelty for 2020, a red Rioja interior with black trim is added to the color combinations already on offer.

Under the hood, nothing changes. The NX 300 features a 2.0-liter (235-horsepower) four-cylinder turbo engine paired with a six-speed automatic transmission, while the NX 300h uses a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and an electric motor (194 horsepower in total) with a continuously variable gearbox. Both rely on a full cog with active torque distribution.

The Lexus NX and NX Hybrid for the entire North American market will be assembled in Cambridge, Ontario, starting in 2022. They will join their big brothers on the assembly line, the RX and RX hybrid.

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